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bts reaction to you falling BTS had decided to go to the showcase to show their support for their sister group, despite all the excuses Namjoon had tried to give to get out of going. BTS Reaction to: Their Crush Falling in a Funny Way and Laughing. A/N: Hello everyone I hope your day is going great enjoy this reaction! Thanks for requesting! This has nothing to do with the reaction but if you want a “love at first sight song” then listen to Love At First Sight by The Brobecks . This wasn’t requested…But thank you to @the-shadows-of-gravity for helping me. ly BTS Reaction || Falling In Love With Another Member’s Girlfriend And She Feels The Same Similar Reactions: | Got7 | J-HopeI feel like he’s way too romantic to let you stay with a guy you’re not into. Bts Reaction to their gf being in a group that plays instruments. Would come at this in a cautious manner. o xiumin tao yifan yixing zitao Sep 23, 2019 · BTS reaction to : A 99’ liner falling in love with them Jin. You came from a foreign country, much different than his, and even spoke another language. Destiny” with Gong Yoo? :3 Purple you too! Hey!!! Thank you for requesting. More reactions on Patreon: https://www. Jin would instantly help you up and would take you out for ice cream making you forget all about the fall. Aug 08, 2021 · On Twitter he wrote, "When the nights get colder, And the rhythms got you falling behind @BTS_twt #permissiontodance. Yoongi: "Babe come here. You yawned and laid on his lap, you closed your eyes and fell asleep. Yes, he likes you, but he won’t do crap if Nov 06, 2016 · Jimin: Falling for you is a bad idea. The gifs make my heart hurt a little. The last thing Namjoon expected when he came home was you to leap into his arms the moment he stepped foot in the door Jul 13, 2020 · BTS Reaction To Calling You A Title In Front Of Others (Maknae line) ─── ・ 。゚☆: *. Got7 Reaction to your cute moan Oct 28, 2021 · Today, Jungkook dropped a cover of 'Falling' by Harry Styles and you know what today is? It was 2 years since BTS had their last live concert before this pandemic happened 🥺 — Max⁷ (@bangpdsgirl) October 28, 2021. Jun 01, 2017 · The two of you had agreed from the beginning that your relationship couldn’t develop with both of you in the spotlight, so you parted ways shortly before your debut showcase. Aug 05, 2017 · BTS Reaction to you attempting suicide “request: Could you do a reaction where they find out their s/o is in the hospital because of a suicide attempt. He stares down at you watching the cute quirks you have while sleeping. Bts reaction to dating you First time bts reactions hiatus by deanelas c a guy. wings album is my life right now /17/girl/call me Fer, or milikika, whatever you want! send me drabbles request, And and actually falling to the BTS reaction to their s/o being scared of the dark marie-sarah said: “This one is gonna be so fluffy like omg. jungkook hitting the high note in Falling by Harry Styles ?!? More reactions on Patreon: https://www. ly Jan 05, 2019 · All you had to do was reach out to him, and he was glued to your side. He will gently pull your head onto his shoulder. Quite the opposite, you were shy. You’d just whine, just wanting to sleep. Just to review, they are: RM. Though you were a dancer, you weren’t people friendly. I’m sure you’ve already done your research about BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bangtan Boys, Beyond The Scene. May 04, 2017 · “You’re lucky the make-up artists covered it so well, I can’t even imagine how the other members would react!” bts bts reaction bts smut bts rap monster bts jin bts suga bts jhope bts jimin bts v bts jungkook kim namjoon kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok park jimin kim taehyung jeon jungkook Oct 28, 2021 · Today, Jungkook dropped a cover of 'Falling' by Harry Styles and you know what today is? It was 2 years since BTS had their last live concert before this pandemic happened 🥺 — Max⁷ (@bangpdsgirl) October 28, 2021. he went on to live up to his name of golden maknae and dropped a cover of Falling , originally Oct 29, 2021 · BTS singer Jungkook shared the cover video of Falling, fans praised her on social media. Idk I just think it’s a cute song okay enjoy! Jun 15, 2016 · BTS Reaction to You Sleeping In Their Bed While You’re Sick. Authors Note: Thank you so much for the request! I hope you like it!!! SEOKJIN : Jin would definitely be laughing as soon as it happened. Now that hit you right in the heart. Sep 21, 2017 · BTS Reaction Falling in love with a foreign actress/singer Jin: When you were first introduced to all of the boys, Jin immediately felt a little reserved towards you. You said voice quiet as you looked down at your hands. The guy you’ve been hooking up with has totally been ignoring you. Even J-Hope seems pleasantly surprised. Whenever it’s winter, you have to wear at least 2 clothes before you step out of your house together with a thick ass jacket. Aug 14, 2019 · Yandere!BTS Reaction ⇁ Blind. He got up and saw a light coming from the kitchen in your apartment and followed it to find the refrigerator open. As soon as you fell you were laughed at by others making you start to cry. Anonymous said: Hey!! Can you make a reaction to you falling asleep on him? Thank you :) Answer: Done More reactions on Patreon: https://www. Of course, he wouldn’t have seen his actions as a problem in the first place. . He covered his face and started laughing to himself, "Aish, this is not what best friends do" He looked down at Oct 14, 2016 · BTS Reaction To You Falling Asleep In Their Arms Request: Bts reaction when their girlfriend fall asleep in their arms. It could’ve been the bath, the PJs, or the cuddles, but you ended up falling asleep. KIM SEOKJIN/JIN. Forever in awe of Jungkook’s powerful vocals. K Pop’s youngest singer Jangkook has recorded this song in his own style. Authors Note: Thank you so much for the request! I hope you like it!!! SEOKJIN: Jin would become a little flustered but wouldn’t dare to move them. " More reactions on Patreon: https://www. “ I’m sorry baby girl do you want to repeat that”. Jealousy can play a bit here. A/N: Hellooo loves how are you? you good? I’m doing good enjoy this cute lil reaction :) Kim Seokjin (Jin) “Ya! Jagiya~” You heard the door open with stumbling following it. He follows his heart rather than BTS Falling For A Fuckgirl. May 07, 2016 · bts reaction to you falling. ~~ ^^. ly BTS REACTION TO REALISING THEY’RE FALLING IN LOVE WITH THEIR BEST FRIEND. Thank you for being so active and giving me stuff to do. What would they do? Thank you, darling! a/n: this makes me sad to Jul 30, 2019 · BTS Reaction to you being a YoutuberRequested: no Note: Since my last Reaction wasn’t the best, take this! Requests are open! JinOf course he had to find out in the weirdest way possible. The whole class think you are a bitch . Jin won’t know how to react in a way. A/n: I hope you enjoyed it!~Joy Jin: He would be so flustered when he saw you BTS REACT TO YOU FALLING ASLEEP ON THEM (25 days of Bangtan: Day 2) NamJoon: 2 episodes into Supernatural, you had fallen asleep on NamJoon’s lap. BTS Reaction to you being his Idol S/O who every Idol wants to date // Admin Tae BTS Reaction to their S/O having a natural talent but not doing anything with it // Admin Tae BTS Reaction to accidentally falling into their laps // Admin Kira Jul 13, 2017 · BTS Reaction To… Falling for someone born in 1986 I’m going to be completely honest and say the only members I think would pursue a relationship with someone born in that year are the Hyung Line because there would be such a big age gap I think it would intimidate the Maknae Line (as someone born then would be a full 11 years older than BTS mafia reaction: Disrespecting them infront of their gang. You had spent hours last More reactions on Patreon: https://www. Jin: It was late at night when Seokjin went out to get you to dinner, but when he returned, he saw you asleep on the sofa. How your mouth slightly parts BTS reaction to falling in love with you at 1st sight. Maybe it was the way you asked him about his day, making him feel like he was at home, instead of in a doctor’s office. aka you’re blind to their actions and accept their love ⇁ Kim Seokjin . " Elton said in the video, "Thanks BTS. You were a new dancer for Big Hit. At first he may oppose it because he may think it was an odd question, but he would allow it once Before you can do anything more than scream, Hoseok is lunging for you, and you hurry back, falling down and knocking yourself out when your head collides on the edge of the coffee table. That doesn’t stop Jimin from doing it. Aug 21 2020 when they yell at them you not a lot and would you are looking to cuddle because of studying for you. I know we’ve been missing for quite a while, but finals were killer this year. And while the BTS Army flooded social media praising the talented musician and his voice, BTS member and rapper J-Hope too joined them by hailing the new cover 'great'. He’d coo at you before picking you up in bridal style and carrying you to the bed and getting in with you, cuddling you close to his chest. Bts Reaction to you falling on their lap when drunk. the second the bell on the door of the May 01, 2017 · BTS: Reaction to you crying. Let me if they would be very protective over a date. exo + jimin and jhope’s reaction to you and your team’s basketball finale. This is in no way okay and you deserve better!” “WARNINGS: The BTS Reacts: Bandmate Having A Crush On You anon//Reaction to the boys knowing that one of the members has also a crush on the reader. And as you already know, the group is composed of seven ultra-talented, not to mention charismatic and good-looking members. “I’m not gonna laugh at you, come here…” he pulled you into his chest and hugged you tightly. request: Can you do an reaction where they see you drunk with the other members, but you’re like a super excited, happy, and touchy drunk? (Touchy as like hugging and pinching cheeks) Thank you :) [requests are open]-Kim Seokjin- Jun 12, 2019 · BTS REACTION: You welcome them home with a heated makeout session. Thank you for being patient with me, I love everyone of you. Seokjin: He wasn’t the best at snowboarding aka. " He dropped the video to BTS' official YouTube page on Thursday, and it's soo good. ly Jul 13, 2017 · BTS Reaction To… Falling for someone born in 1986 I’m going to be completely honest and say the only members I think would pursue a relationship with someone born in that year are the Hyung Line because there would be such a big age gap I think it would intimidate the Maknae Line (as someone born then would be a full 11 years older than May 25, 2016 · BTS Scenarios Hello everyone! My name is Amani, and I do fanfics, reactions, ships and 3-sentence fanfics. A/N: I really hope this reaction was not terrible, I don’t see any one of them having a one night stand with a stranger so I kinda wrote a backstory of how they know each other prior to the one night stand. Jin: We won’t get mad and yell, but it will make him uncomfortable and a bit strange. Anyways thank you for requesting we love that you guys are requesting. This song was released by English lyricist Harry Styles in the album ‘Fine Line’ in 2019. I have the most amazing followers in the world. but don’t think of them as scars; I like to think of them as “ Battle wounds ” and I won the battle. Maybe it would do him some good to know he’s not Aug 01, 2017 · Request: Can you do a BTS reaction to finding you sleeping in a weird place?:) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Jin: He woke up at dead ass 3 am because he noticed you weren’t in bed. He would Mar 13, 2019 · BTS: Fall Asleep on Your Chest A/n: I wanted to try a new style of posting lol so here we go Seokjin He was almost too comfortable, there was no way you were actually this soft. Well, Hoseok did get you to talk to him. Happy reading! x-Jin: He had just finished cleaning the kitchen after the spectacular fest he had prepared for the boys. You bowed and apologised but he BTS Reaction: They’re Drunk and Cuddly. Not only is it cold, it felt almost painful for you. ly Mar 17, 2017 · BTS REACTIONS: When you feel cold. A/N: HI! Thank you for sending in a request! I hope you like this and it’s what you were thinking of! ℕ핒핞핛할할핟 Originally posted by joonsoulmap. You don’t know how long you were out, but when you finally stirred awake, the credits were rolling. He was simply protecting you. Keep reading to have seen someone else. Bts Reaction to you getting nipple piercings. Warning: Angst! A/N: Can I have a reaction to you dropping lots of weight because of hate? Jin / Kim Seokjin. Why are you crying?”. You hadn’t met BTS officially, but you had seen them a few times. and after a particularly unpleasant falling out More reactions on Patreon: https://www. <) I wanted to start with a Reaction with BTS facing a person and immediately falling in love with her/him so please enjoy. He couldn’t keep his off of you. ly Oct 28, 2021 · BTS‘s Jungkook just released a cover of Harry Styles‘ “Falling,” and nobody saw this gorgeous cover coming! BTS’s Jungkook | @Ederlin0417/Twitter “Falling” is from Harry Styles’ 2019 album, Fine Line, and this song quickly became a fan favorite. BTS and EXO Reactions Home Ask About the admin Archive Masterlist Rules/Guidelines To-do Reblog reaction reactions exo exo k exo m exo l exo reaction exo gif reaction exo scenario exo blurb exo preference exo imagine exo fanfic exo fanfiction exo gif suho chen lay chanyeol beakhyun kris kai luhan sehun d. He is the visual, after all, so he finds himself beautiful, but he would think he was more of a work of art by you painting him. BTS Reaction: You Have a Strong Attitude A/N: Helloooo I didn’t make this specifically Latin because…I wasn’t 100% sure of how to do that sooo we’re rolling with this enjoy! sorry this is a little bts reaction to you playing the guitar and singing around a campfire. jungkook hitting the high note in Falling by Harry Styles ?!? Bts Reaction to seeing you with your kids for the first time. Turns out, he kept it a secret from a certain someone too. It was peaceful, until you tripped over your own two feet and fell to the ground. Originally posted by myloveseokjin Dec 15, 2017 · BTS REACTION - You falling asleep in their arms Namjoon (RM) You guys were resting in bed after a long day at work in some comfy matching Ryan pajamas that you got for his birthday. Of course he wouldn’t be rude or anything, if a 99 liner confesses their feelings to him. Jungkook is a fan of the song too, and he uploaded his own version of it on YouTube Can you Please make a BTS reaction when their s/o really want to cuddle and they’re too shy to ask but the boys sorta figures it out that they wanna cuddle? pleease and thank youuu For ANON Hope you like it illi Gifs are not mine Namjoon You’ve been chilling on the couch for quite a while now, he was working with his computer on some new track while you were watching tv. 89 MB 5:14 11K Play requested by: anonymous. Aug 17, 2017 · BTS Reaction to you being a cuddly drunk. bts reaction to you playing the guitar and singing around a campfire. Apr 22, 2018 · BTS Reaction to you falling down the stairs and landing on the splits Guys I’m seriously not okay and I have no idea what this is but here is this reaction thingy and I’m finally posting again after THE longest time BTS Reaction: You falling at the pharmacy and your ex helps you up. Jungkook would have been trying to get to know you better as a person, despite his hyung’s advice of just approaching you and asking you out. Suga: He would be somewhat indifferent. Request: Hiii! Can I request reader kisses them cause they think they are asleep but they aren’t? Like “Finding Mr. A slip up on his part, is what finally confirmed the fact. HOSEOK: He knew that he liked you for a while, it all happened when he walked in on you dancing terribly. His inner self will be “ Aish, that girl. He doesn’t want to ruin your friendship, but after a while of figuring out, what he wants to do, he would probably confess to you. ly Jan 03, 2018 · BTS reaction to you dropping lots of weight because of hate. ly BTS Reaction: They Fall In Love With You At First Sight. He grabbed onto your shoulders. Setting the food down in the kitchen, Jin made his way back to you, sitting besides you and wondering if you were cold and needed a blanket. ”. jungkook hitting the high note in Falling by Harry Styles ?!? BTS (Hyung Line) Reaction to You Staring At ThemA/N: This is all just for fun, of course we love bts because they are talented and such… Warning: Minor language and suggestive topics. Apr 06, 2018 · Bts Reaction- You kiss them thinking they are asleep but they actually aren´t. he had no clue about what Hey babes! Could you do a Bts reaction to them realizing that they are falling/have fallen in love with their childhood best friend? I saw this somewhere for Exo (I think) and I thought it was super cute. patreon. Even if the other boys tried to get his More reactions on Patreon: https://www. From someone who stopped self-harming a long time ago, I want you to know that it gets better . He’d laugh even harder when you began laughing. Hyung Line • Maknae Line . Mar 19, 2016 · BTS Reaction to their love at first sight. Got7. " BTS reaction to you falling asleep on them. You hated being alone. If you like these things, feel free to stick around, ask questions and request all you want! Oct 01, 2016 · BTS Reaction to You Painting on their Arm. You hate it when people stare at you when you were alone. He liked the way they enjoyed sugar as much as he did, and More reactions on Patreon: https://www. com - BTS‘s Jungkook just released a cover of Harry Styles‘ “Falling,” and nobody saw this gorgeous cover coming! “Falling” is from Harry Styles’ 2019 album, … 10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS Jungkook's Surprise Cover Of "Falling" By Harry Styles That Are Too Relatable For Words - Flipboard Jan 02, 2016 · If you want a reaction, I’ll give it to you. Thank you so much for your request! I hope it lived up to your expectations, further requests and feedback can be sent here <3. Feb 12, 2017 · Hello, could you do a reaction of Bts reacting to you falling asleep next to them? BTS Reaction To You Falling Asleep Next To Them Jin: The train ride was long, it always was. BTS Reaction to You Getting a Pet (Android Au!) ah shit, here we go again Jin The little sugar gliders you brought home made Jin intrigued. “ (Y/n), talk to me. Oct 13, 2017 · BTS Reacts: making them jealous. You quickly noticed your mistake and your once brave facade falters. You looked at him Dec 11, 2016 · BTS REACTION. 3. * :☆゚. Maybe it was the way you called his name in the waiting room, peeking shyly over your papers. Jungkook just released a video of him covering Harry Styles' 2019 hit "Falling. ly Oct 29, 2021 · BTS' maknae Jungkook surprised millions of fans when he belted along to Harry Styles' massive hit Falling. Jin: Originally posted by jjkksj Jul 12, 2018 · BTS Reaction to: Someone Attractive Falling Asleep on Them on the Train. Got7 Reaction to you accidentally letting out a moan when you lose in a game. Jimin: His face would drop from amusement to serious in one swift motion. Jin: Originally posted by fawnave. Oct 29, 2021 · BTS: As ARMY gushes over Jungkook's cover of Harry Styles' Falling, J-Hope has the best reaction ARMY is going crazy over the song. It’s been a frustrating week. #bts reaction #rap monster #namjoon # Dec 27, 2015 · BTS Reaction to Falling in Love at First Sight Thank you for the request! Please send in more because reactions are probably my favourite thing to do tbh Jin: As soon as he saw you sitting alone at Dec 05, 2017 · BTS reaction: You falling when snowboarding. He’d just kind of relax after a while, moving a little to get more comfortable. But he hadn’t expected you to accept his rules right away and practically let him lock you up in his apartment. On October 28, Jungkook delighted millions of his fans with a surprise little treat. com/demlevantsreactOur reaction to BTS & ARMY Falling In VMIN CutenessPURCHASE DEM LEVANTS MERCH:http://bit. (hyung line) obviously love forms when you get to know someone but the idea of “love at first sight” is falling for someone for their physical attraction first and i know that all of you beautiful people will find your true love! jin didn’t expect it. ly BTS Reactions To You (Their Ex) Dating Another Member ♡Seokjin♡: All the members had begun to grow suspicious of their leader dating, with the constant texting and wide smiles he always seemed to have plastered on his face. ly Feb 23, 2017 · Request: BTS reaction to their girlfriend being a complete bookworm. Oct 28, 2021 · Today, Jungkook dropped a cover of 'Falling' by Harry Styles and you know what today is? It was 2 years since BTS had their last live concert before this pandemic happened 🥺 — Max⁷ (@bangpdsgirl) October 28, 2021. You don’t like to do anything or go anywhere alone when you were in school. “No. Or maybe even find them after the attempt. (I fuggin love the rainnn) Namjoon. BTS reaction to falling in love with you at their concert. He had heard your name multiple times before but he had yet to see you perform. Ask: bts falling in love with a fuckgirl? Update: KS has been dead inside taking a bunch of house sitting jobs and is currently at her second job listening to the rainfall outside peacefully. You both would be laughing so hard, you’d be clenching your stomach as you got up, walking over to him carefully. Well I don’t know how he would feel about that. bts reaction to you having natural curly/wavy hair. This is my first reaction gif ever!! (I always wanted to make one since I love reaction gifs >. BTS Reaction: You Cry on Stage. Hope you enjoy it!~ RM (Kim Namjoon) Originally posted by kimdaily Jun 27, 2016 · Request: Can I get a BTS reaction to you saying that you don’t like them? I assumed that you meant that you didn’t like them as a person, and not relationship wise! Jungkook. Rapmonster. A/N: so this was requested. Honestly I think he won’t take it seriously. BTS’ reaction to you having a crush on their girl crush. Jul 25, 2018 · It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything on Tumblr, sorry about that but I have two updates planned for today! (This and another reaction to do with BTS and their crush (You)!~) Scenario: You are running late to a meet up with your friend and once you got there, he had waited there half an hour already. You shouldn’t be all too surprised when you wake up chained in a different place next to your sweet, loving Hoseok who smells just a bit, although his Kuala lumpur, bts reaction to you. It’s my fav thing ever tbh A/N: Thank you so much sweet anon, sorry you had to wait so long <3 . He didn’t expect to fall for your talent. ─── ⤷pairing - BTS x male!reader ⤷genre - fluff ⤷summary - bts falling you a title in front of other group members ⤷warnings - sub!maknae line, dom!reader, daddy kink ⤷notes - thank you for requesting, here it is! Jan 15, 2017 · Hoseok- If his eyes could turn into hearts, they would. You were an acquaintance to BTS. BTS reaction to you falling/tripping. Jun 12, 2019 · BTS REACTION: You welcome them home with a heated makeout session. You wouln’t even bother opening your eyes. BTS singer Jangkook recently surprised the fans by sharing the cover song of ‘Falling’. You might have scars on your arms or stomach or where ever. Seokjin grows suspicious very, very fast when it comes to you losing too much weight. It doesn’t make it easy to have to see him everyday, but that’s what you get for hooking up with the resident of a house you’re employed to keep clean. Oct 29, 2021 · BTS Army, get in formation. You enjoyed the movie, wrapped up in each other, until about halfway through. May 21, 2019 · The whole class think you are a bitch. bts reaction when doing a drama with you, a rookie in another idol group, as lovers, and they realize they like you. Oct 14, 2016 · BTS reaction to you falling asleep while listening to his songs. Seokjin/Jin: You both agreed to watch a movie on Netflix together, You sat next to him and you started to feel tired. Love ya! Jimin. BTS reaction to meeting their Child after a One Night Stand (w a friend) - Maknae Line 🌃👶🏻. If you want me to do EXO, you can request this again for EXO. Jun 25, 2020 · BTS reaction to you having an abusive boyfriend “+RE-POST+” “AN: Please if you are ever in a position like this PLEASE get some help. When he heard that were performing he was happy to finally see what you were made of. Winter…you hate winter. 1. Jin: You were just casually walking with Jin when you tripped over something. Jin: He would love for you to do it. koreaboo. He would probably find out about his feelings pretty quickly, but would be in denial. BTS reactions: You falling asleep on another member. a/n- hello april!! i hope you like this ~ i tried to make it funny!! Seokjin- You and your boyfriend were simply taking a walk through the park, hand in hand and talking about your day. A/N: There’s so many reactions that are going to come out this week, heads up baby stars! Keep smiling and I hope you enjoy this and your whole day! x. ly Dec 21, 2018 · bts reaction: they fall in love at first sight. The last thing Namjoon expected when he came home was you to leap into his arms the moment he stepped foot in the door BTS reaction to falling for you when you perform. He’d laugh quietly and grab you quickly before you fall. You were an insecure person when it comes to friendships and impressions. Hi everyone. He was concerned for you. He didn’t realize until he heard a little noise come from your soft, slightly opened lips. We know it is taking a while to get these up, but hopefully our posts are worth the wait. <3 This reaction is requested (also) by lovely @aliceghale. a/n: obviously I don’t know who the boys’ crushes are, the anon used Jeongguk admiring IU as an example so I’ll use that, but I’m just doing my best on guessing it really/going off those interviews where like they’ve kinda answered? Step 1: Get to Know the BTS Members. Free Falling (Original Song: Harry Styles) by JK of BTS reaction mp3 192 Kbps 6. Love to the ARMY. You knew Jin had been out drinking with his members celebrating their recent comeback. ☽ . •Jin: The second your tears started, he panicked. Like, she’s always reading and gets annoyed when she gets interrupted? Love ur blog btw. ly Oct 29, 2021 · The 24-year-old talented singer impressed everyone with his version of pop sensation Harry Styles' passionate track 'Falling'. bts reaction to you falling

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